Warning: This blog is NC-17, I reblog porn and smut!! Cause it's hella hot hehe!

My Blogname is a combination of Pandora's box mixed with Ashtray heart (Placebo song title) which means heart is wasted from being used and also filled with guilt from wanting to indulge in desires that are forbidden..yet it's human to want that..(I want forbidden desires all the time hence the name play)

My name is Rachel,
I'm a Bi chick from NZ
I mainly Blog Glee and all things Kurt related, Kurtbastian, Kadam and Kelliot posts but can also blog TV or Film posts, Skins posts, Food related posts, alcoholic posts, culture and NYC because I want to move there. Love to blog news stories too and anything funny.

I am a music and film buff. My fave bands are Korn, HIM, Marilyn manson etc
Movies are comedys and horrors. Not chick flicks lol.

Things that make me smile- Kurt posts, Kurtbastian,Kadam, Kelliot, Big Bang Theory, DC-Arrow, The Flash, Batman etc, Tony Stark/Iron Man, music, movies, Family guy, Skins, scrubs, faulty towers, Glee, Viva la bam, HIM, hot chicks, hot guys, Men on men porn, lady loving, hot chocolate, alcohol and more!!

Anything else you wanna know just ask.

This is not a Klaine/Blaine friendly Blog
I hate Blaine, more so as of Glee episode
The break up' Before hand it was a dislike now its a burning hatred. I would get into reasons but will be here forever. If you want to know why, my ask box is below. Also a link to my Glee ship fan page on facebook for Kurtbastian is below too.

Enjoy my blog


Rach x


'Most important Question' AU Kurtbastian.

Written for Kurtbastian hiatus project. Themes: Marriage-Proposal.

AU from 5x20.

Kurt has an important question to ask his boyfriend.

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Chris Colfer and Will Sherrod at Celebration Theatre’s Vibrant Voice Awards, April 26, 2014 [x]

Aww shucks…

Chris Colfer and Will Sherrod at Celebration Theatre’s Vibrant Voice Awards, April 26, 2014 [x]

Aww shucks…

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Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places, they open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our lifetime, we need to keep them alive.”

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